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Hardware Integration

We work with various 3D scanning systems and provide customized solutions on integrating the hardware to the various Geomagic software suites. Maximize your 3D scanner investment & resources.

Workflow Development

We help companies develop 3D scanning and / or probing workflows in order to maximize the 3D scanning software investment. Expedite your product development processes / times and reduces costs.

Professional Training

We are an authorized 3D Systems training partner and offer Geomagic software on-site standard courses and custom courses. Professionally train your resources to increase competencies and efficiency.

Project Consulting

Currently working on a project and need some assistance? We can help with defining the project scope, implementing a timeline and educating resources along the way. Impress customers, deliver your projects quickly.

Every project has a unique element,

Let's discuss what your project needs hasn't been met yet and fix your problem.

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Did you know?

Most companies' 3D Scanners are so underutilized, they can be used for a multitude of applications.

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